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Mike Sena CFP


if. . .

You’ve ever done something stupid with money.

  • Taking a cash advance from one credit card to pay off another.
  • Buying life insurance for your young child.
  • Loaning a family member or friend money.
  • Signing up for health care based on lowest copay.
  • Buying a hot stock you heard about on TV.



“The author has written a great book. I like how he creates a story out of each tip for investing. I am a writer myself and enjoyed this and learned about both investing, and creating captivating stories. Highly recommend.”
—Stephen Monahan

“The author, Mike Sena, takes a complicated, dry subject and makes it simple to understand, more so than anyone I’ve ever seen. Since 1988 I’ve worked in the mortgage lending sector of financial services and am always on lookout for something of value to gift my clients, friends, and realtors. If you are at all interested in taking care of your money and making smart decisions with your money…..this is a book you must have.”
—Rena Rogers

“Mike’s unique style of condensing , personalizing, and providing answers to his financial management practices and philosophies, drew me immediately towards identifying the aspects of my financial and investing life that required immediate attention. He is quick to share, in a most unusual and disarming anecdotal manner the perks (and pitfalls) of investment strategies, whether for retirement, saving for a child’s college, or wealth management.”
—Kim Jordan

Mike Sena