Are You Beating the Index?


The Dow Jones Industrial Average index rose about .18% today, reaching its highest point ever,  closing at 22,370.80.  This is the 41st record close this year.

The Standard & Poor’s 500 index rose a mere.10% today to close also at a new record high, 2,506.65.

And, the Nasdaq composite index is doing awesome as well, up a .10% to 6,461.32.

So, what is an index? Are you feeling wealthier? Ready to do your part for America and the economy by spending? Read More

Does Money Make You Happy?


Does money make you happy? Is it a precursor for happiness?

Good questions. I’m guessing that from time to time, these questions come up on everyone’s mind.

How this came to my mind was from a conversation I had earlier this week over dinner with a woman I had just met. She is clearly and comfortably nestled within the 1%.  I’d say she enjoys a net worth in the 10-figure range. What we talked about, however, was universal :  The well-being of her kids and the loss of her middle child a few years ago.

I’ve learned that the answer to the questions about money and happiness is deep and very individual. The quick and simple answer is, not necessarily, but having money doesn’t hurt… ReadMore

It’s Time For a Freeze


Not a cold snap, but a credit freeze.

In the wake of Equifax’s not so very timely announcement of  a data breach of sensitive personal information of some 143M Americans, it’s time for you take more personal control of your information. Do so with a credit freeze. It’s relatively simple, inexpensive and increasingly necessary.

What is a credit freeze, what will it mean to you and how does it help? Read More