Want a Rich Life?


A rich life. What does that mean to you?

Money? Power? Family and friends? No debt?

Here’s a brief story I have heard from several different sources, over several years of time. You might have heard it yourself…

The story takes place in the winter of 2007. A man is playing the violin in an arcade adjacent to a D.C. metro station one January morning. The man played for less than an hour, several hundred people passed by, a few lingering, most not, and some actually tossed a few dollar bills his way.

It turns out the man was Joshua Bell, one of the most gifted and accomplished musicians in the world. He was playing compositions from Bach, Mendelssohn, Shubert and other prodigies on a violin worth more than $3M. Only a handful noticed, perhaps one or two recognized him.

The point of the story is this:  If we cannot be present enough to take note of someone like Joshua Bell, and appreciate some the finest music ever composed, what else are we missing?

I have clients and friends so busy, so focused on the future, so intent on being in the 1%, on having what they want before becoming who they are, that they will never really have a rich life. A rich life doesn’t ignore money or wealth, quite the contrary. It includes money and wealth, but before that, it includes family, life, making the most of what you have and living in the present.

We are beings designed for pleasure, and far too many of us miss the everyday little pleasures. We miss everyday little blessings because we are focused on the wrong things. Our priorities are jumbled. We miss smelling the roses, touching the grass, tasting our food, hearing a birdsong, coming across lilting beauty from someone like Joshua Bell. We miss the simple delight of easy breathing and loving those close to us.

Incorporate these 7 little daily practices, and enjoy a rich life:

  1. Slow down. Just a little. Smell the air, feel the earth.
  2. Upon waking every morning, think of three things to be grateful for.
  3. If married, doing something every day that will make your spouse’s day better. If not married, do so for someone. Every day.
  4. Take a walk. 10 to 15 minutes every day.
  5. Practice smiling.
  6. Focus on experiences over things.
  7. Believe. If you believe you have a rich life, you do…


My name is Mike Sena and I am a fee-only Certified financial Planner (tm), a registered investment advisor in the state of Georgia and senior planner for Supporting Your Choices, Inc., a wealth management practice registered in Georgia, Florida and Texas. I am a loving father, speaker, author, radio personality and polo player. I'm happy in my life and definitely not your ordinary investment advisor.

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