I Love What I Do


I love what I do. Just love it.

It is different every day. And it is so much more than investing for others in the stock market, the real estate market, collectible cars or bit coin.

I help people of incredibly divergent backgrounds, situations  and wealth uncover what is really important in their lives. What is truly beneficial to them and theirs. It matters not to me whether my clients are worth 5 figures or 8 figures. I love helping them make the most of what they have, live more in the present and navigate the often murky and at times treacherous waters of financial life. It’s an unknown future here on planet Earth, and I’m here to help.

All of my clients are exceptional, but this year of 2017 has been a little outside the expected. It’s been the year of the fascinating conversation. I can’t explain it any other way other than keeping an open mind and an open heart.

Here is my abbreviated story of three fascinating conversations I’ve had this year…

I have this year met with three incredibly gifted entrepreneurs, three utterly fascinating individuals. Three might not seem to you to be a lot, but these folks are on the edge of something special. They are remarkably accomplished in their endeavors, deeply committed to their pursuits and happily secure in their dreams. It has been an honor and a privilege for me to have met them and to have helped them.

Don’t you find it fun and engaging meeting and being with people smarter than you? I do. Perhaps smarter is a not the right word, as we are all smart in our own sphere. Perhaps a better word or two is:  Intensely driven. Rugged  grit.  Emotionally connected.

One of these individuals is a former Navy F-16 pilot with over 1000 carrier landings and an advanced degree in applied physicists . He is starting up an cutting edge medical imaging company, utilizing three specific therapies to enhance the healing of body injuries. It is Star Trek medicine in the 21st century.

Another is a PhD who has developed an innovative and effective app to connect at-risk populations with service providers in a way that streamlines communication, monitors results and provides definitive benefits to both sides. He is rolling out his platform to schools, medical agencies and non-profits that serve our most in-need populations.

And the third is more old school, a general contractor and real estate developer who has been through multiple boom and bust, and come out on the other side profitable. He comes from the “handshake is golden generation”, was raised on a working ranch in North Dakota along with seven other siblings and wears blue jeans and  boots most every day. He is wanting to put together a small but select group of good-fit investors to partner with him to help develop needed industrial and commercial properties in the northern Atlanta area in a responsible and financially rewarding way for all stakeholders.

I love what I do. Can’t wait for tomorrow. Perhaps I can help you…


My name is Mike Sena and I am a fee-only Certified financial Planner (tm), a registered investment advisor in the state of Georgia and senior planner for Supporting Your Choices, Inc., a wealth management practice registered in Georgia, Florida and Texas. I am a loving father, speaker, author, radio personality and polo player. I'm happy in my life and definitely not your ordinary investment advisor.

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