4 Terrific Ways to Save More Money This Year


Who wants to save a little more money this year? It seems to be universal. Its why Clark Howard has become the Mecca of spending less and saving more.

Let’s face it, it’s so easy to spend. Retailers are expert at helping us part with our dollars. And it feels so good to spend, doesn’t it?

In the end, though, how much of what you buy becomes meaningful in your life?

Wouldn’t it also feel good to have an extra thousand bucks, an extra ten thousand bucks, an extra anything each year? Imagine if you could… Read More

Are You a Debt Slave?


Well, are you a debt slave?

I can assure you, debt has no conscience, no heart, no favorite or favored and is spread across the income and asset spectrum. If you feel imprisoned by debt, are stressed by your seeming inability to turn things around, here’s a story you might can relate to… Read More