What’s Your Objective?


I get annoyed when I hear or read, “Investors sold off today because…” or, “Investors bought heavily today because…”

Let’s be clear. Investors rarely buy or sell based on the day’s mood or a particular news cycle or lack thereof. Traders do. The question here is, are you an investor or a trader?

I am reminded of a good story about clarity and how important clarity is when it comes to understanding your objective… Read More

How To Create a Better Habit


                  hab·it  noun \ˈha-bət\ : a usual way of behaving: something that a person does often in a regular and repeated way.

I learned a neat trick the other day. Perhaps some of you already know this, but I bet most of you don’t.

This would be way easier with a video,  but I want you to stop what you are doing and think about how you tie your shoes: Read More

A Quick Introduction to Foreign Currency Trading


The other night, “Raiders of the Lost Ark” was on TV. One of many memorable lines from the movie is Arnold Toht asking Miriam and Belloc, “Now, what shall we talk about?

I gave a speech last year to the North Atlanta Rotaract Club, where I asked just that, “What do you want to talk about?” I got several in the audience to reply with good questions. One in particular was about Forex, or foreign currency trading.

Want to learn something about foreign currency trading? It is more interesting than even I thought I knew… Read More

What Lies Ahead For Prices?


Something a little different, probably not on your local radar. I have read several articles this year on the downward trajectory of the cost of food, witness the steep decline in stock prices for major grocers and Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods. Energy prices remain low, and technology persists in its steady march of more for less. And yet, wages are finally rising, home prices and rents are moving up, and health care and tuition costs continue to escalate towards the heavens, scarily so.

I’m wondering, is anyone mildly interested in how the government defines and calculates the cost of living? If so, read on. It’s pretty interesting… Read More

5 Things Your Financial Advisor Should Actually Do For You


Are you in the market for a highly experienced and professional financial advisor? Completely happy with your current commission-based advisor? Think you don’t really need one or can afford one?

The sad reality is most of us make enough poor financial decisions over time to fill Aladdin’s lamp, unfortunately in the wrong direction. It is a fact of life and in no way linked to income or net worth. It’s a part of walking and breathing and reproducing here on planet Earth.

So, how do you improve outcomes? Square the playing field? What is a good personal financial advisor’s value proposition? One that squares with you, a bona-fide and serious prospect? Read More

A Batman Story…


So sorry to read about Adam West’s passing. Upon hearing of his death, I drifted back in time to the era of his Batman, and recalled a different story . One that resonated with me. It is a story about seeing value where no one else does, undeterred perseverance and great passion… Read More

So, You Think You Might Want to Sell Your Business


Want to sell your business?

I’ve heard this refrain before. From business owners with revenues in 6-figures to business owners with revenues in 9-figures. Asked if they want to sell their business, often they reply yes, why sure. In ten or so years.

Once ten or so years comes and goes, they find they are not ready because they haven’t done the planning necessary to maximize value for themselves or potential purchasers. They only have the dream of being out of it.

Well, like tax planning, selling a business requires a lot planning. Planning done so over several previous years. Necessary are thought and purpose.

Businesses usually sell for some kind of multiple of either revenue or net profit. This multiple varies widely, depending upon the type of business, the market cycle, the type and value of assets, tax implications and objectives, financing terms, and on and on.

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