How To Read an Annual Report. And Why…

I can see that each one of you can’t wait to settle in deep to your favorite easy chair, preferred beverage of choice close at hand, feet propped up comfortably on the ottoman, Rover the family dog lazing easily beside you (or Spot the cat curled in your lap) and peruse your latest annual report. I’m guessing that some of you reading this so far are not quite sure what I’m talking about, annual reports and all. Others are quite sure that I have lost my mind. And of course, a select few are wishing to sample the adult beverage or pharmaceutical you think I’m enjoying right now.

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Adios, My Good Friend


I lost a college roommate and fraternity brother last week. Dusty Gilliam was a good friend, a good guy, someone who dished out generosity like a free candy machine.

I wrote this blog post years ago. Dusty inspired it. It was originally titled, “Calling All Musicians.” Dusty was a gifted songwriter and musician, a founding member of The Assembly Required Band, and relayed to me that he had bought a house on eBay with his American Express card. He wanted to know how to undo the purchase. Turned out to be a pretty good deal, as befitting a really good guy.

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The 2 Most Dreaded Words in Any Language


A prize for the winner. What would you think are the two most dreaded words in any language? What could they possibly be?

I’ll give you some hints:  They are universal in that everyone not living in abject poverty is impacted by them.  They transcend race and gender and religion. They have constricting connotations for most and are typically met with a grimace, a scowl or clenched teeth. They are best used in tandem.

On the flip side, those that embrace these two words generally have significantly richer and more purposeful lives. They live more in the present. There is no grimace, no scowl, no clenched teeth. There is instead smiles, joy, less stress and more fun.

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Do You Love A Stock Split?


Oh, how many times I have heard the gleeful exclamation, “And the stock split!” As if that alone catapults  a common stock price towards the heavens.

Do you get excited when a stock splits? Or, do you simply yawn?

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5 Ways To Vanquish Fear


What do you fear?

It’s something. We all have something dark and deep that lurks beneath the surface.  Something that goes bump in the night. Something that inhibits us from living the life we want, living the life we deserve.

For many, it’s failure. For others, it’s success. For some, it’s being alone or being laughed at or getting sick. For me, it’s at times all of those mentioned.

The common denominator of fear, whatever form it might take,  is it is always something in the future.

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Ronnie Dunn and Russian Art, an Investment Lesson


“When he suggested I look into Russian art, I thought I might as well take a shovel, go to moon and cut grass…”

I heard just a few minutes of a story yesterday on my XM radio, enough to pique my curiosity. It tweaked a memory lodged deep inside the darkened recesses of my brain, I vaguely remember hearing about this years ago. It was about Ronnie Dunn and Russian art.

I admit, I had no idea who Ronnie Dunn was. I Googled him when I got home and learned he is a country music super star, originally part of Brooks & Dunn (that I have heard of).

The radio story chronicled a unlikely pairing of interest and investment, an investment lesson… Read More