How Much Gold Do You Own?



I haven’t heard the “How much gold do you own?” question in a while. So, I was surprised to get it from a friend of mine via text the other evening. She went on, asking about how to buy it and in what percentage of her portfolio.

Most of the time, I reply with a question of my own, “Why do ask?”

In this case, I didn’t. I know her, she is super smart and has a good advisor. Here is my reply: Read More

Want Some Smart-Beta in Your Diet?



What we ingest financially can be at times over-filling. Bear with me, this will be worth your while.

Have you heard  the term “smart-beta”? Know what plain-old “beta” is?

Beta is a term used in investing and statistics. For investing purposes, it refers to the volatility of the broad market as a whole. For example, the S&P 500, a basket of America’s largest 500 companies that is compiled and tracked by Standard & Poor’s, is generally considered to be a proxy of the broad US stock market. It has a beta of 1.

An individual stock with a beta of 1.5 would be considered 50%  more volatile than the broad market. Conversely, an individual stock with a beta of .5 would be considered to be 50% less volatile than the broad market.

With me so far?

Smart-beta is an attempt to gain a little more return, called alpha, out of the broad market.

Some back story, let’s take a little trip and re-visit high school science… Read More

The Art of Practice



I remember when I was a kid and became interested in girls. I remember how nervous I would get at the mere prospect of picking up the telephone to call one. My stomach would get queasy, my skin would get clammy, I would become interested all of a sudden in doing my chores. Anything but picking up that telephone and dialing her number.

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7 Avenues to Better Returns and More Money



Want more money? Better returns?

Despite knowing better, most of us continue to buy high and sell low. We are unable to resist the built-in and hard-wired emotional beast that lives deep inside our brain. Process can turn “feeling” into “thinking” and tame money-losing behavior. Contrary to what many would have you believe, generating money and wealth, and enjoying better than average returns is not brain surgery or rocket telemetry. It is process.

The 7 maxims of investing and making money: Read More