A Resolution You Need To Keep



I call this “The End”. Not because it is, but because now is the time to be sure you have an estate plan in place for your death or incapacitation. Fun stuff, I know, but read on…

The most important thing to remember about estate planning is it is less about you and more about those you leave behind. Think of it as a plan for your loved ones, friends and heirs to go forward in their life with as little grief, regret and expense as possible.

Let’s face it, you’ll be gone, we’ll still be here, dealing with whatever you’ve left. Don’t mess it up. If you do nothing, have nothing in place, the laws of the state where you live will determine what happens to you and your stuff. Is that what you really want?

Here are four-to-five essential components of an estate plan: Read More

The Dow at 20,000



What impact does this have on you? Does this milestone fill you with optimism? Ready to do your part for America and spend, vaulting the Dow even higher.

20,000 is just a number. Does it make sense to compare you to a number, a human construct called an index?

To get started, I thought I would explain what an index is and how the Dow Jones Industrial Average, DJIA, is calculated. Read More

Free Money



Want some free money? Would you be happy saving $500, $1,000 or more a year? Fed up with your ever escalating cable TV bill? How about your phone bill? Gas company?

Simply call and threaten to change. It’s really just that simple.

I reached my limit with Comcast recently. I so hate them… Read More

Budget Magic Pill Style

magic, budget

Budget. How does the word make you feel?

Constrained? Controlled? Pissed off?

Most everyone I know hates the word. Many hate the actual process and practice. A pity, because a purposeful budget is the most powerful weapon in your arsenal against paucity and discomfort.  Even more powerful than your income.

I have worked with folks that have a terrific income but no budget process and they are essentially broke. They developed bad spending habits, have a refined sense of retail therapy and generally live somewhere in the future, it will get better down the road.

I also have worked with folks that have little income, are not broke, are in fact happy with money in the bank. They generally live in the present and understand the power of priority, of what is important to them. They make the most of what they have.

It’s really not hard to be part of the latter. Wouldn’t it be marvelous to summon up a motivation genie to deal with reality? A magic pill for budgeting?

Well, there is….  Read More