2 Pointers and 8 Tips For an Affordable and Memorable Christmas

 xmasIt’s that time of the year again. Stress for many, pleasure for others. What kind of a Christmas person are you? All out, to the rails, shop ’till you drop? Or something different, something else?

Do you want an affordable and memorable Christmas?

Let’s face it, retailers are super smart, and have learned to extract dollars out of our wallets and purses. They are adept and motivated. The shopping and spending process has become very frictionless. Retailers have learned to use music, sound, store trackers, smells, shinny objects, product placement, exciting visuals and comfortable walking surfaces to keep us in the store, focused on what they want. They have a way of pleasing every sense we have. And the online community is just as focused as brick and mortar retailers, finding ever-nuanced enticements to keep us online and keep us spending.

And for the hard, cold reality, spending money is fun. A lot of fun. Spending excites the motor neurons deep inside our brains. There is an emotional rush when we buy, not at all un-similar to the effects of alcohol or drugs or sex.

So, back to my question, do you want an affordable and memorable Christmas? If yes, you need only to follow the two simple and direct pointers below… Read More